Handmade Style: Porcelain & Stone

What do you do when you take your first real vacation from work? You stay at home and make jewelry of course! This is how Kimberly Huestis started her jewelry business, Porcelain & Stone.

Kimberly was a 3D sculptor and animator before starting her business. She loves to work with her hands and sculpt shapes of her ideas. This, coupled with a nickel allergy, led her to design ceramic jewelry.

Porcelain & Stone

River Rings

Porcelain & Stone is located in Boston, a great location for coastal inspiration. So it makes sense that Kimberly’s collection is nautically inspired. She says her jewelry is for “lovers of the outdoors and the salty sea air.”

Porcelain & Stone

Crescent Wave Necklace

Porcelain & Stone

Coral Cuff

Porcelain & Stone

Barnacle Necklace

Kimberly’s modern and elegant designs are simply stunning. She describes her work as “minimal and classic…with a graceful woman in mind.” Indeed, Kimberly’s designs are minimal with clean lines. 

She uses mostly muted colors, adding gold accents in the right places. This gives each piece its elegance. The result is a statement piece that is “meant to be worn as sculptural art.”


Porcelain & StoneMidnight Kiss Earrings

Porcelain & StoneMarble Earrings

Porcelain & StoneOcean & River Bracelets

When she’s not making jewelry, Kimberly loves to run and rock climb. She also teaches others how to make ceramic goodies in her workshops.

To contact Kimberly about her jewelry and workshops go to her website.

Images by Kimberly Huestis of Porcelain & Stone 

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