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Spring is here so it’s a good time to brighten up your look. Boo & Boo Factory will do that and a whole lot more! Boo & Boo Factory was founded by designer Christina Anton in Chicago. The company makes fun and colorful geometric leather jewelry and accessories.

Like Natalie Miller, who I featured earlier this week, Christina has an architecture degree. She founded Boo & Boo Factory after graduating school to pay for supplies. The company did so well, she decided to stick with it. She said hello to entrepreneurship and goodbye to architecture!

Boo & Boo Factory

Boo & Boo Studio

But, she hasn’t left architecture completely behind. You just have to look at her geometric designs to see its influence. The shapes, colors and patterns in her design are inspired by architecture.

Christina has a great eye for colors. She uses neon colors, making her designs wonderfully bright and bold. Her pieces don’t just make a statement but lifts your spirit with its colorfulness.

Christina says she is inspired by textile art, colors and the materials she uses. Her collection includes necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, wallets and key chains. She uses different techniques including hand painted, hand cut, beaded and woven materials.

Boo & Boo Factory Boo & Boo Factory Boo & Boo FactoryBoo & Boo Factory

From the designer:

Leather is my medium of focus. I feel it is luxurious. I love the way it smells and I love the way you can manipulate and cut it as intricately or as simple as you’d like. I have been collecting leather for a few years. I get so excited finding a rare shade or a color leather I haven’t seen before and I immediately begin to imagine what I can turn it into.

The process of creating is truly therapeutic for me. I sit at my desk, look for inspiration with my own photography, and lay out different color combinations of leather and various supplies. I could have anywhere close to 100 individual colors and the fun is combining them in unusual or unexpected ways.

I usually never know what the end product will be, but that is what helps keep my ideas fresh and my creativity flowing. I’ll make different shaped cut outs, create different color palettes and cut several types of fringes and mix and match until I find the right fit.

Boo & Boo Factory

Boo & Boo FactoryBoo & Boo Factory


Boo & Boo Factory

Want to know more about Christina Anton and her work? You can get a look at what’s happening in the studio on the Boo & Boo Factory website.

Images by Christina Anton of Boo & Boo Factory

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