Handmade Design: Marine Crosta

The first time I saw Marine Crosta’s work I thought “how clever”. Marine is a French artist living in England. She is inspired by the sea and paints beautiful oil seascapes. The clever part is how she displays her art.

Marine frames her work in a round antique frame with a convex glass. The result is a ship’s porthole! Looking at it, you would think you’re looking out of a porthole, not a painting. How awesome is that?

Of her framing process she says, “It involves a lot of restoring, glass cutting, polishing, drilling, screwing, unscrewing. It’s not easy and I’m still learning but at least I can proudly say that I do everything myself.”

To claim your part of the sea, checkout Marine Crosta’s website. For a behind the scenes look at her process, catch her on Instagram.

Marine Crosta Marine Crosta

Painting seascapes – round oil on panel 

Marine Crosta Marine Crosta

Framing seascapes – antique frame with convex glass

Marine Crosta Marine Crosta

Finished seascape display

Images by Marine Crosta

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