Handmade Artist: Red Hong Yi

If you are looking for creative inspiration, look no future than Instagram. There are so many wonderful creative accounts inspiring us everyday. One such feed belongs to artist Hong Yi, also known as Red.

Red Hong Yi was born in Malaysia and studied Architecture in Australia. Her transition to artist is an interesting story. She created a portrait of Yao Ming using a basketball dipped in red paint. Red then made a video of her process and posted it on Facebook. It went viral and an artist was born!

Red Hong Yi

Teh Tarik (Malaysian pulled tea) Man portrait – made with 20,000 tea bags

Red Hong Yi

Adel portrait – made with 1,500 melted candles and inspired by “Set Fire to the Rain” song 

Red Hong Yi

Singer Jay Chou Portrait – made with coffee stains

Red Hong Yi

Filmmaker Zhang Yimou portrait – using socks and pins hanging on bamboo sticks

What’s great about Red’s work is that she uses everyday materials in her art. She is “inspired by her surroundings and the range of affordable materials available from wholesale markets. The use of materials in bulk in her project alludes to the globalization and mass production in China and Asia.”

Her more popular works are her portraits and food art. She has done portraits of people like Adele using melted tea lights, Aung San Suu Kyi made with dyed carnations, Jackie Chan using chopsticks, Mark Zuckerberg made out of books and Tyler Florence using food. 

Red Hong Yi Red Hong Yi Red Hong Yi Red Hong Yi

To find out more about Red Hong Yi’s work go to her website or catch her on Instagram.

All images by Red Hong Yi

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