Handmade Artist: Kim Zeluck

Our featured artist today is Kim Zeluck. Kim is based in New York but sometimes call Hong Kong home. She paints in oil, watercolor and mixed media. She is best know for her dreamscape paintings (paintings inspired by dreams). Her latest collection is my personal favorite.

Kim Zeluck’s latest collection is called The Happy Introvert Collection. It is a collection of oil and mixed media on canvas. The collection “attempts to justify the often-misunderstood concept of introversion.”

Kim says of the collection, “Introversion is only one way of living and thinking, but it provides those who embody it with a compelling and refreshing point of view. The mind of the introvert is where stars are born, where magic is made.”

Kim Zeluck

Kim Zeluck

Kim ZeluckFrom Kim Zeluck:

I always tell people that my oil and watercolor paintings are what you would see if you were to examine a little piece of my mind under a microscope. My artwork is my own mythology. From a young age, I began doodling faraway lands and fantastic creatures, finding refuge in my overly active imagination. My paintings reflect my dreams and are a product of my introversion.

I like to paint detailed scenes that inject some whimsy and fantasy into reality, such as a floral painting full of hidden creatures, or a rainy day scene with all sorts of characters underneath their umbrellas. A few years ago, I began gathering images and writing taken from my dream journal and created my Dreamscape paintings, using overlapping and oftentimes disjunctive narratives to create a larger illustration of the surreal nature of dreams.

I am most inspired by the way our minds can naturally bend and distort reality – sometimes in the most lovely but bizarre way – and allow us to forever travel to new and unexpected places that are intrinsically within us.

Kim Zeluck

Kim Zeluck

For more information on Kim Zeluck check out her website or catch her on Instagram.

Images by Kim Zeluck

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