DIY: Paper Peruvian Maidenhair Fern

The Peruvian Maidenhair Fern is also know as the Silver-Dollar Fern. This plant is a long time favorite of mine. It is striking due to its pitch black stems paired with vibrant green “leaves” or pinnules. It is unlike other fern in the same genus because of the large pinnules. Hence, the common name “silver-dollar”.

I have often admired it at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden near my home.  Every time I go, I snap another photo with my phone. They can be tricky to care for, so I decided to make one out of paper! Now it sits in my living room and I never have to water it!

DIY: Paper Peruvian Maidenhair Fern

I made this in an afternoon using my Silhouette Cameo (download the .studio file here). If you don’t have a paper cutter, you can also cut them by hand.

DIY: Paper Peruvian Maidenhair Fern

What you need:

  • Green text weight paper (I used this)
  • Silhouette double-sided adhesive paper
  • Wire cutters
  • Pot of your choice
  • Small pebbles (I like these)
  • Piece of styrofoam
  • Silhouette cutting mat and machine (optional – you can cut by hand)
  • 16” or longer 22 gauge straight wire
  • 26 gauge wire cut to 3.5” pieces
  • Black floral corsage tape (I used this)


DIY: Paper Peruvian Maiden

Step 1 – Cut Pinnules

Peel the protective white paper off the double-sided adhesive sheet. Carefully stick to a sheet of the green paper. Place on your cutting mat green side face down. Set your blade to a cardstock setting and double cut. Be sure to test. You want the cut to go all the way through.

DIY: Paper Peruvian Maidenhair Fern

Step 2 – Create Pinnules

Once cut, peel off the shapes from the mat. Carefully fold each shape exactly in half with the yellow protective sheet still attached. Once folded, unfold and remove the yellow paper. Add a piece of the 26 gauge wire in the crease. Fold in half again to seal.

DIY: Paper Peruvian Maidenhair Fern DIY: Paper Peruvian Maidenhair Fern

Step 3 – Create Fronds

Wrap about 1” of the wire extending from the pinnules with the corsage tape. The tape works best if you slightly pull and stretch as you are working.

Using the corsage tape add each pinnule to the heavier straight wire. They should be arranged alternatively. This means not directly across from each other along the stem.

DIY: Paper Peruvian Maidenhair Fern

Step 4 – Decorate Pot

Cut the styrofoam to fit snuggly inside the pot. Cover the foam and fill the pot with pebbles.

DIY: Paper Peruvian Maidenhair Fern

Step 5 – Finish Plant

Arrange all your fronds in the pot. Carefully poke the end of the wire into the foam. Make your plant as dense or as sparse as you like. I made 7 fronds for mine plant. Bend the wire to give a little “life” to your sculpture.

DIY: Paper Peruvian Maidenhair Fern DIY: Paper Peruvian Maidenhair Fern

DIY: Paper Peruvian Maidenhair Fern

Tutorial and Photos by Corrie Beth Hogg

Corrie Beth Hogg of The Apple of My DIY

DIY: Paper Peruvian Maidenhair FernCorrie is a blogger, artist, crafter, designer and DIY aficionado. She is currently a DIY contributor for the The House That Lars Built and the Special Projects Designer for David Stark Design.

Her work with David Stark have appeared in magazines, newspapers and blogs such as: Martha Stewart Living, Martha Stewart Weddings, Domino, InStyle, The New York Times, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Design Sponge, Remodelista, Lonny, Apartment Therapy and Style By Emily Henderson.

Her projects have also been featured on television shows such as: the TODAY SHOW, Live From The Couch, Martha and E! News

Corrie is originally from Mississippi but now call Brooklyn home. When she’s not crafting, she can be found hiking, biking, studying wild edible plants, playing guitar and singing country music. To connect with her, visit her website or catch her on Instagram.

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