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In recent years, we’ve seen a return to the seventies in design. So it’s not surprising that indoor plants are making a comeback. Indoor plants are trending right now in home and fashion design. Today we’ll look at some favorite indoor plants and how makers are using them for inspiration.

It seems like indoor plants are everywhere in home decor. From painting to embroidering to knitting, makers are kicking their designs up a notch with plant inspired designs. Fashion designers are also using plants to bring their designs to life. Literally! Did you know you could buy living jewelry?

Take a look at some of the inspirations below.

Monstera Deliciosa

design trend indoor plants

Monstera Deliciosa Plant – Photo by Weekday Carnival

design trend indoor plants

Monstera Deliciosa Artwork – Photo by Living Pattern

Fiddleleaf Fig

design trend indoor plants

Fiddleleaf Fig Plant – Photo by Lauren Conrad

design trend indoor plants

Fiddleleaf Fig Embroidery (on right) – Photo by Sarah K Benning


design trend indoor plants

Cactus Plant – Photo by Bengtgarden

design trend indoor plants

Cactus Wallet – Photo by Boo & Boo Factory

design trend indoor plants

Cactus Knitted Plants – Photo by Thorn & Needle

Snake Plant

design trend indoor plants

Snake Plant – Photo by Brittany Makes

design trend indoor plants

Snake Plant Embroidery (on left)- Photo by Sarah K Benning


design trend indoor plants

Palm Plant – Photo by In Honor of Design

design trend indoor plants design trend indoor plants

Palm Earrings & Necklace by Boo & Boo Factory


design trend indoor plants

Succulent Plants – Photo by The Blondie Locks

design trend indoor plants

Succulent Braclet – Photo by Passion Flower

Holi or Pagwah is a fun and festive two day Hindu Spring festival. What’s the greatest part of this festival? It gives adults a chance to be kids again! Complete with bonfires, water fights and color fights.

Holi is known as the festival of colors and the festival of love. The festival celebrates the season’s hues and provides fantastic color inspiration. 

It is celebrated by Hindus in India and other parts of the world. In recent years, the festival has spread to North America and Europe. It’s easy to see why. Holi is less about Hinduism and more about just having a fun.


Holi Celebrations in India


Holi Celebrations in Spanish Fork, Utah

Celebrations begin the night before with a bonfire, signing and dancing. But if you think this sounds nice, the next morning is better!

Two things are certain. You’re going to get chased and end up in a water fight (super soakers are welcome). You’re also going to be covered from head to toe by colored powders. Anyone and anywhere is fair game, so beware!

The festival wraps up with eating, drinking and visiting family and friends. Groups of people also go around the community playing music and singing. All in all, this festival is a fantastic start to spring.


Colored Powders at a Market in India


Colored Powders


People Celebrating Festival of Colors,

Image by Martin Brown

If you’re interested in playing along, there are some great options. Here is Philadelphia we have a festival called Holi One. It’s a global, non-religious festival inspired by Holi. This festival is full of colors, food and music.

There is also the Festivals of Colors USA, another non-religious festival. Festival locations tends on the west coast. Their main location in Salt Lake City, Utah gets up to 100,000 participants.

If you can’t get to any of these, play along at home. Go on and get your Super Soakers out. I know you want to!

Chunky knits are a favorite when it comes to winter fashion. Who doesn’t love cozy and warm, right? Now designers are bringing that same comfort and warmth to the home. Chunky knits and crochets are the new hot trend in home decorating.

It’s been really cold out so I’m all about chunky knits right now. Today I’m sharing a few ways to use chunky knits at home. If you’re a crafty diva, you can make these items yourself. But if you’re like me, you could just buy them.

chunky knits

Photo by Knitting Noodles

To knit your own, you’ll need some really large knitting needles. Don’t have knitting needles? No problem! You can also use your arms to do the knitting. There are lots of great tutorials available online. 

Blankets & Throws

chunky knits blanketBlanket by Ohio

I love giant chunky knit blankets! It’s like having a blanket version of your favorite oversized sweater. Ohhio has a great range of earthy tone blankets that just oozes warmth and comfort. Perfect for winter!


chunky knits pillow

Pillow by Colorways Gallery (photo by

This cream merino wool pillow by Colorways Gallery screams softness. It has a decorative seed stitch that gives it its wonderful texture. A matching blanket is also available if you can’t get enough of this creamy goodness.


chunky knits pouf

Pouf by Flax & Twine

I love the versatility of poufs. They are great for extra seating, to rest your feet and more. This chunky pouf from Flax & Twine is no exception. You can turn any modern space into a cozy one with this pouf. If you’re up for some DIY, a pattern of this pouf is available.

Wall Art

chunky knits wall art


Wall art by Natalie Miller Design

Woven wall art is all the rage these days. This stunning wall art is from textile designer Natalie Miller. This piece has it all, texture, layers and colors. It’s a great example of bringing warmth to a space with chunky knits.


chunky knits basket

Basket by Delinska Design

Baskets make for great storage and the possibilities are endless. Plus, they can help to soften up any space. This chunky crochet basket from Delinska Design is great as a planter!

Mats and Rugs

chunky knits mat

Mat by Loopy Mango

What’s more homey than a chunky crochet mat? This mat from Loopy Mango is available as a kit. The kits gives you everything you need to complete the project. So if you have 2 hours to spare, go for it!

Lead image credit: Ohhio